Please advise Willow Park if you are in isolation or under quarantine in your home so all non-emergent work can be postponed. Please note that some work may need to continue for safety or regulatory requirements, and reasonable safety precautions will be taken.

Please continue to stay safe, we are all in this together!



Welcome to Willow Park Housing Co-op

Live the co-operative way!

This website will help you understand what is involved in Co-operative Housing. Willow Park Housing Co-op Ltd is a housing development designed as single family units for the sole use of our members and their families. Willow Park Consists of 200 homes, owned and managed by the members that live in the homes of Willow Park.

Please note that Willow Park does not provide or accept housing subsidies, and we are NOT affiliated with Manitoba Housing.


Information for Willow Park Members

  • Emergency numbers for maintenance are in the back of Willow Park Directory.
  • On weekends Willow Park has one of the maintenance staff on call. Please call 204-632-0746 and listen to the office after-hours message to find out whom to call for weekend emergencies.
  • When maintenance is required on your unit, please call the office to put in a work order. Leaving the office a voicemail or emailing with all the particulars is acceptable.
  • Please do not leave large items by the garbage bins; the garbage collectors will NOT pick them up. Please call the City of Winnipeg at 311 for collection of furniture, etc...  They will advise you of a pickup date and where to put the items. Please mark ‘City of Winnipeg’ on the items so we know they are waiting to be picked up.
  • Complaints by a member are to be submitted to the office in writing.
  • Willow Park has a monthly memo and yearly newsletter.
  • If you are unsure about something, the Office will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns..